Medical Facility Exterior: 4069 Lake Drive SE

Expertise comes with working with talented people who understand your business, and a team that combines knowledge in the healthcare field with the know-how in building facilities that maximizes space, state-of-the-art design and up-to-the-minute technology.

Experience is garnered from a team of professionals working together for over 25 years developing and managing more than
ONE MILLION square feet of industrial and office space. Hughes Management has worked with dozens of medical groups
throughout West Michigan, with many projects currently being evaluated and under construction.

Exceptional team of construction specialists focused on developing a superior product. Known and trusted by Hughes Management, our construction experts provide outstanding results for tenants by implementing custom solutions.

Established by Louis V. Buzzitta in 1983, Hughes Management has created many successful projects. Some of these projects include expansion of manufacturing plants, general office space and medical office buildings. Every project and service emphasizes quality, efficiency and foresight in both development and management.